Special thanks to our generous sponsor, Mister Yaroslav Bublik, Founder of the charitale Foundation Yaroslav Bublik.


The competition can be supported by a person or company (private or public) . Donations are welcome to support some of the expenses, to offer a price for our winners for assistance to travel, accommodation of foreign candidates, etc.

You can proceed to a bank transfer :
National Identification (RIB) :
Bank code : 20041
Branch code : 00001
Account number : 6997962L020
RIB key : 95
International identification : (IBAN) FR53 2004 1000 0169 9796 2L02 095
International login of the bank (BIC) : PSSTFRPPPAR

Thanks to send a mail confirmation to :
You can also send a bank check. Only check of french banks are accepted.
Send your donation to :
Association “Résonances International”,
Chez madame Raminta Neverdauskaite
Chez Mme Raminta Neverdauskaite,
28 rue George Sand,
75016 Paris

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