Partitions of works of Ukrainian composers are very few published in France.
However, you can find a big choice of scores of ukrainian composers on this website:
See the website of Ukrnote
Also we advise candidates the following works:

  • Editions Peters : Easy Parts Russia and Eastern Europe , Volume 1 . This book includes composers V.Kossenko , I.Berkowitch and A.Chtogarenko
  • Publishing Breitkof : From Glinka Goubaidulina . This book features the composer V.Kossenko.
  • Publishing Sikorski ( Alexander Nikolaev ) : Russian Method, Volume 2. This book includes composers I. Berkowitch and V. Kossenko
  • Publishing H.Lemoine ” Più forte” Volume 2. This book features the composer V.Kossenko
  • Editions Peters: parts of Russia and Eastern Europe , Volume 3, Book 2 . This book contains the Ukrainian composers M.Kolessa, V.Silvestrov , M.Skorik , L.Rewutski , A.Chtogarenko , B.Liatochinsky , L.Grabowsky
  • Editions Salabert , reference EAS 18799 . This book features the composer F.Akimenko
  • Publishing Beliaeff : for the works of V.Silvestrov
  • Publishing Boosey and Hawkes. Nikolaev . The russian school of piano.
    This book contains the Ukrainian composers :
    Y.Schurovsky ( Ю.Щуровский ) L.Chukailo ( Л.Шукайло ) M.Tchembergi ( М.Чембержи ), I.Berkowitch ( И.Беркович ).
    In this book you will find the works for beginners and preparatory levels.

Ukrainian Internet site offers works of Ukrainian composers in the public domain : This site is in Russian. – ФОРТЕПИАНО :

  • Акименко (Akimenko)
  • Барвинский (Barvinsky)
  • Косенко (Kossenko)
  • Колесса (Kolessa)
  • Лысенко (Lysenko)

Ukrainian site of the Ukrainian composer B. Shyptur (Б.Шиптур). This site offers free download transcriptions of traditional Ukrainian songs made ​​bythe composer, including for beginners:

The IMSLP website features works by composers F.Akimenko , V.Kosenko , M.Lysenko

The association offers candidates free download the works of Ukrainian composers M.Skorik . F.Akimenko , I.Karabits and other (official permission of copyright)

Download the sheets!
We draw the attention of the candidates on the fact that the author’s permission and with law and their legal representatives is obtained by the International Piano Competition ” Resonances ” and is only valid for this contest. Any other use and any other dissemination of works proposed on the site of the contest ” Resonances ” will be legal in accordance with the legislation in force action.